Nutrico is an optimum range of infant and toddler formula made in Australia from Australian dairy milk. It has been created by our family company in association with one of Australia’s most respected dairy manufacturers, Camperdown Dairy International (CDI). Our objective is to bring you the safest, highest quality Australian baby formula and the very best nourishment for your baby.

We developed Nutrico formula together with CDI whose Quality Assurance and Food Safety Standards and procedures are unsurpassed worldwide.

Nutrico Optimum formula is made from dairy milk sourced from accredited dairy farms in the clean, green pastures of Victoria, Australia. The agricultural environment in Australia is pristine, and dairy milk produced here is renowned for its excellent quality and nutritional properties.

We are proud to bring you Nutrico Optimum infant formula and to share this premium source of infant nutrition with your family.

We aim to bring the safest, highest quality and most nutritionally sound food products from Australia to your family.